Ashlynn Polini

DockerCon 2015 CFP Extended

Ashlynn Polini

Thank you to all who have submitted a session for DockerCon so far. We are very excited by the nearly 342 fantastic submissions we’ve received. After our initial call for papers closed on Monday, we received an overwhelming response and many requests for more time. Due to this we have decided to reopen the CFP for an additional week. You now have until March 24th 11:59pm to submit your talk for DockerCon. This will be a hard deadline since we need adequate time to review the papers and select finalists.


Tip of the day: Speak about something you know. If you’re passionate about a certain subject, or think you’re an expert in a specific area, please share your knowledge! If matters to you, chances are it matters to others. That’s what makes DockerCon sessions great.

Please note that one free conference ticket will be rewarded for each accepted session.

We are here to help. Ping us on Twitter or email us if you have any questions.

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