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Introducing Docker’s New Open Source Community Manager

Steve Francia

I’m thrilled to introduce Docker’s new open source community manager, Thea Lamkin. Thea (pronounced Tey-uh) will be focused on the contributor community and experience. She joins us from New Relic, where she was very active in building a great developer-centric community.


TheaOur contributor community could not be in better hands. Thea has deep passion for and experience with communities, developer or otherwise. Prior to New Relic she managed communities at Flickr and Tiny Speck (pre-Slack). At Flickr Thea had the challenging experience of working with the community and the mountain of mostly negative feedback around Flickr’s major redesign in 2013. It was through this experience that she developed the ability to manage any difficult situation in a graceful and constructive way.

In addition to her experience, she is a wonderful fit for our community of smart and passionate developers and contributors who love thinking of new and innovative ways of building, running and deploying software. Thea is obsessed with communities, driven by an ideal developer experience, and thrives on feedback. She’s most happy when helping community members make and share things they are proud of, whether they be businesses, technologies, or works of art.


In her own words, “I’m beyond excited to be working with the Docker community and to help existing and future contributors build something awesome. Also, I love hearing from you. If you have any feedback, questions, concerns, and especially ideas, I’m all ears.”


On a more personal note, Thea is a closet geek who loves reading sci-fi, fantasy and speculative fiction. When not building some of the most passionate communities in tech, she can be found hiking outdoors, cooking family recipes from Peru and Italy and finding any, and every, excuse to smile.


We hope you will enjoy working with Thea as much as we do. Thea is @thelamkin on twitter, thea on IRC, and has every intention of setting up her own blog soon.


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2 thoughts on “Introducing Docker’s New Open Source Community Manager

  1. This is certainly great news !

    Docker needed to have an Open Source community manager and Thea Lamkin fits in perfect. Would be helpful to read Thea’s own thoughts about her experiences at Flickr and New Relic.

    warm regards

  2. Hi Thea,
    I’m the community manager with the team XiVO 🙂 They develop an open source telephony system!
    Docker is drawn on the walls of our open-space 😉 and we’ll make a speech in March 2015 about XiVO and Docker! (bottom)
    Contact me if you need more information.

    Valerie Dagrain
    IRC freenode #xivo nick wanda_

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