DockerCon EU: What’s new with Docker Hub?

At DockerCon EU we introduced three new features that we will be releasing on the Docker Hub, in the coming weeks: email invites, web hooks 2.0 and an Automated build dashboard. We also talked about some other features we hope to have released in the near future. Watch the video to checkout the new features, and then head on over to Docker Hub and try them out in person.
DockerCon Europe 2014 - Amsterdam | Friday


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One thought on “DockerCon EU: What’s new with Docker Hub?

  1. I want to know whether Docker think about adding zeromq support for client and daemon interaction?especially distributing environment
    How about using zeromq for docker ipc and rpc? also support zero-copy ?
    I had found the shm system not support persistent for container reboot or loss, as using swap, so how about using mmap alternative?

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