Victor Vieux

DockerCon EU: Introducing Docker Swarm

Victor Vieux

At DockerCon EU we introduced Docker Swarm: a Docker-native clustering system. It allows you to connect to a single Docker endpoint and run containers on an entire cluster.

Docker Swarm comes with a simple discovery service, for an easy setup. If you already have a discover service within your infrastructure like consul or etcd, you can use those instead.

DockerCon Europe 2014 - Amsterdam | Friday

As you know, a video is worth a million words, so take a look at the following demo:



Docker Swarm is in alpha state and things move really fast at Docker, make sure you use those updated slides:



Docker Swarm is open source, you can checkout the repository here.

We gladly accept pull requests and feedback, feel free to join the #docker-swarm IRC channel on freenode.

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  1. Terris Linenbach

    Any recommendations on using this with an http load balancer?

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