Atlassian Stash Dockerized and On Docker Hub

We are excited to be highlighting new collaboration with our friends at Atlassian.  They’ve made their enterprise Git repository solution, Stash, available for a frictionless trial through our Docker Hub hosted registry service to go zero-to-Stash in a minute.  This is strong validation from a leader in the application development lifecycle to recognize the value of leveraging dockerization and Docker Hub as a simple way to distribute their applications to developers.  It’s a very cool example of “meeting developers where they’re at” and given how many dev teams that Atlassian works with, it’s a great opportunity for their users to use the two together.




Docker Hub has increasingly become the center of development workflows with 100+ million container downloads in 2014 being pulled from our registry.  At the heart of that movement is the incredible content, like Stash, that has been made available to developers.  As of this post, we have over 85,000 dockerized applications available through Docker Hub.  These applications are the composable building blocks that allow dev teams to dynamically assemble distributed applications.  And increasingly it is also becoming the home for software vendors to make their products available for trial.  Check out Stash in its dockerized form! The Atlassian team is eager to get your feedback and comments so please share that with them in the comments.


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Atlassian Stash Dockerized and On Docker Hub

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