Victor Coisne

DockerCon EU: Keynote on Orchestration

Victor Coisne

In this post, we’re pleased to present you with video of the first half of the DockerCon EU evening keynote, given on December 4th.  This part of the keynote focused on the Docker platform’s new orchestration services.  The keynote debuted three new platform services designed to cover all aspects of the dynamic lifecycle of distributed applications. They help you cope with a development environment where new code or a new Dockerized service that changes application functionality can be put into production in minutes instead of months.

While Docker’s orchestration services are the most comprehensive on the market, their unique modular structure makes them accessible not only to end-users – like developers and sysadmins – but also to our ecosystem partners through robust APIs.

For your convenience, we’ve divided the keynote into four discrete sections:

  1. Introduction: The future of the Docker project by Solomon Hykes
  2. Docker Machine by Ben Firshman
  3. Docker Swarm by Victor Vieux and Andrea Luzzardi
  4. Docker Compose by Aanand Prasad


1. The Future of Docker


distributed apps



Docker Machine: source code and Alpha build





Docker Swarm: source code and Alpha build




Docker Compose: proposal, source code and Alpha build



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