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DockerCon Europe Hackathon

Victor Coisne

On the weekend before DockerCon 2014 which took place on June 9-10th in San Francisco, the Docker team decided to host a 24-hour Docker-centric hackathon at Docker HQ. The 3 winning teams (below) were offered free tickets for the conference and a chance to present their projects during the conference.



We all had a really good time thanks to all the participants and thought it would be fun to organize the European version of this DockerCon hackathon. Unlike the SF edition, we decided to schedule this hackathon on the Saturday following DockerCon Europe for people to hack on the new features and project announced during the conference.


As a Team of 1 to 3 hackers you will hack on a project using Docker as the central piece. You will have under 12 hours to complete this project including the time to create all materials needed for your 90 seconds presentation.

Although It is not allowed to start the project before the hackathon, we encourage you to think of the idea before coming to the hackathon.

The DockerCon Europe hackathon is limited to the first 150 RSVP. Please do not register if you are not sure to come.

The exact theme of the hackathon will be revealed at the last minute.


Even-though it is better to know about Docker before joining the hackathon, anyone can join.


The winning team will be offered:

– A ticket for DockerCon 2015 for each of the team members

– Plane tickets for each of the team members


The hackathon will take place at Nemo Science Center Oosterdok 2, Amsterdam

During the event, several Docker employees will be there to answer technical questions and help you fine-tune your Docker projects.


9am: Door opens

9:15 to 9:45am: Presentation by the Docker Team

9:45am to 10:30am: Find a team and an idea

10:30am: Start hacking!

9:00pm: Demo time

10:00pm: End of Hackathon

Let’s hack!

=> Register for the DockerCon Europe Hackathon

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