Docker Tour de France

We are happy to announce that the Docker team will be Dockerizing France from Dec 8th to Dec 22nd 2014, right after DockerCon Europe 2014.


Jerome Petazzoni, Victor Coisne and Julien Barbier will be visiting Paris, Lyon, Lille, Nice and Bordeaux, and will present Docker to accelerators, incubators, schools and universities, including The Family, Epitech, 42, Supinfo, Paris Est, ENSEIRB… and to a lot of French companies and banks.

On top of this Docker is co-organizing with 42, Epitech and Zenika, several events open to the community:

  1. Dec 9th at lunch, The Docker team will present Docker at The Family. Register here.
  2. Dec 10th afternoon, Jerome Petazzoni will give a technical presentation of Docker, hosted at Epitech Lyon. Register here.
  3. Dec 10th afternoon, Julien Barbier will answer your questions about working in the US as a French Engineer, hosted by Supinfo Lyon. Register here.
  4. Dec 11th afternoon, Docker will give three talks at 42:
    1. Marketing for hackers, by Julien Barbier. Register here.
    2. Panel: Work in the US as a French Tech Engineer. With Matthieu Laban, Florent Crivello, Jerome Petazzoni and Julien Barbier. Register here.
    3. Docker 101, a technical presentation of Docker, by Jerome Petazzoni. Register here.
  5. Dec 12th morning, Docker will give two talks at Epitech:
    1. Docker 101, a technical presentation of Docker, by Jerome Petazzoni. Register here.
    2. Marketing and Community at Docker, by Julien Barbier and Victor Coisne. Register here.
  6. Dec 12th afternoon to Dec 15th morning, Docker and Epitech are organizing a Docker Hackathon. This event will be open to anyone who wants to hack on Docker. The winning team will be offered tickets to DockerCon SF 2015, as well as plane tickets and hotel to go there. Register here
  7. Dec 17th morning, Docker and Zenika will host a breakfast with Partners and French companies. We will have a high level presentation of what Docker is and meet over breakfast. Contact us if interested.
  8. Dec 17th afternoon, Docker and Zenika will host a Docker technical presentation where we will dig into more technical detail. Contact us if interested.
  9. Dec 19th afternoon in Bordeaux at ENSEIRB: Docker 101, a technical presentation of Docker, by Jerome Petazzoni. Register here.
  10. More to be announced!

If you are interested to meet us in France, let’s talk! Please send us an email at

See you in France!

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20 thoughts on “Docker Tour de France

  1. JUlien Iguchi-Cartigny

    When will you be in Lille ?

  2. Was hoping to see you in Nantes 😉

  3. Can you give us the date for Lyon? and the place if possible? I want to participate and have some fun with the Team 😉

  4. Do you plan to go to Toulouse? Feel free to email me if you are interested, I could help.

  5. A date in Marseille ?

  6. Could you give us some information about Nice ?

  7. cyril PIERRE de GEYER

    It’s really cool to see that you are coming in France. I will be there al least at one of all this meetings !
    See you soon

  8. Hi Julien,
    is there any remaining time available for Paris ?
    I’m from SUPINFO (Paris campus), my school could certainly host a Docker event during your stay in our town.
    Thanks a lot 🙂

    • Hello Mathieu. We tried but apparently it was not possible. We will be in Supinfo Lyon though. I hope I can see you at Epitech or 42?

  9. Hi Julien, Toulouse + 1 😉
    Have a nice tour!

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