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Docker Joins Dell’s Multi-Cloud Roadmap


Today, Dell took another stride forward with its multi-cloud roadmap by launching the Dell Cloud Marketplace beta program, which includes key industry alliances with Docker, Delphix and Pertino. The Dell Cloud Marketplace provides developers and IT managers with the ability to compare, purchase, use and manage public cloud services from a range of vendors, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Joyent. This can be achieved through a single, unified console on




We at Docker are in full support of Dell’s commitment to accelerating the adoption of multi-cloud environments, particularly given the imperative of the Docker open platform toward ensuring portability across any infrastructure. Dell’s model for multi-cloud environments is forces, we are further validating the power of Docker for the cloud.

Together, we will provide developers with the ability to utilize Docker for frictionless application portability with a wide-selection of public cloud platforms via the Dell Cloud Marketplace.

Integrating Docker in the Dell Cloud Marketplace enables developers and system administrators to access the more than 50,000 “Dockerized” applications that are currently available in Docker Hub – while having the flexibility to choose public cloud solutions that are best suited for their respective business needs. Developers will be able to allocate their time more effectively, spending more time creating applications and less time creating and maintaining infrastructure.

Through this alliance, we are enabling accelerated development and deployment of distributed applications, and providing new dynamic business opportunities. We look forward to continued collaboration with Dell, and propelling the adoption of multi-cloud environments.

Dell is planning to provide Docker, Delphix and Pertino solutions via the Dell Cloud Marketplace in 2015.

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Roger Egan

Docker Joins Dell’s Multi-Cloud Roadmap

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