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Announcing the second batch of speakers for DockerCon Europe

Following the announcement of the first batch of speakers for DockerCon Europe last week, we’re happy to announce 4 additional sessions today. Stay tuned for the final lineup of speakers! 

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Here is the list of speakers who have been chosen by the DockerCon program committee this week:

Wouter Danes –  Engineer at ING Bank and Daniels Gollings – Contractor at ING Bank

Session titleRevamping Development and Testing Using Docker

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Abstract: Docker doesn’t only revolutionize your application hosting, it also revolutionizes your development pipeline. In this talk I want to show how ING uses test containers for confidence checks, application containers to integration test both dependant services and services we depend on. I will also show how you can go to master-only development and create D/T

environments for every feature branch easily using docker, a reverse proxy and a CI server. Because ING as a bank has a lot of complexity in the IT, Docker offers us a lot when it comes to integration testing services, because test environments have become so much cheaper.


Doug Johnson – Head of Architecture at Sage UK Ltd and Jonathan Lozinski – Technical Architect at Sage UK Ltd

Session titleMigrating a large code-base to containers

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 12.37.24 PMAbstract: Green field projects might be able to take advantage of containers from the start, but how can we take a monolithic existing code-base and make the move to Docker?

We want to run our code as a collection of small collaborating containers, but we have a large existing code-base, and don’t want massive disruption to product releases.

We’ll take a walk through some of the challenges we’ve faced, and techniques used to solve taking a set of large collaborating Rails applications into containers. In this process we’ve aimed to progressively move towards our ideal.



Joe Brown – Engineer at

Session titleScaling Development Environments with Docker

joeAbstract: We set out to solve the problems of quickly building high quality games for a fragmented mobile market. Taking advantage of HTML5 allowed a fast, familiar and highly iterative local development process, and a hybrid build process for native apps meant high performance games on mobile. Our product is designed to comprehensively handle complex UI flows, related server tasks as well as deep integrations with any social platform. This is necessarily complex piece of engineering, with dozens of large dependencies, and 5 local web servers powering a single user’s experience. When we set out to make this easily available to 3rd parties, we used Docker to solve to major challenges: 1) Fitting many users, each with a unique development environment, on to one machine; 2) Managing all of these development environments in a scalable way.


Once again, we would like to thank all of those who took the time to submit talks!

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Victor Coisne

Announcing the second batch of speakers for DockerCon Europe

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