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Announcing the first batch of speakers for DockerCon Europe

Today we’re thrilled to announce the first batch of speakers for DockerCon Europe 2014. With over 200 submissions, the Program committee is having a hard time selecting the talks and needs a little more time for the review process. We’re not only amazed by the number of submissions we’ve received but also by their quality and diversity. Given the limited size of the venue and the number of sessions, we won’t be able to accept as many speakers as we would like for this year’s DockerCon Europe. Big thanks and shout out to everyone who submitted awesome talks. 

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Here are the first 8 speakers:

Adrian Cockcroft  –  Technology Fellow at Battery Ventures

Session titleMigrating to Microservices with Docker

Adrian-Cockroft-bigI’ve been architecting cloud native microservices based systems for several years (at Netflix) and have given many talks about why and how to migrate from a monolithic application to microservices. This talk will discuss how Docker and the ecosystem of tools around it makes this transition easier.


Simon Thulbourn – Senior Software Engineer at BBC

Session titleEnterprise CI Problems and our Solutions

Simon ThilbournAt BBC News, we’ve had a lot of issues with using CI environments for building and testing. Recently, we’ve taken a lot of time in order to solve these issues. We’ve created a new Jenkins setup to simplify our environment and in build & test our software inside on containers, even if ultimately we’re not deploying in a container. This workflow has saved us potentially days of lost developer time.


Simon Eskildsen –Senior Software Engineer at Shopify

Session titleDocker at Shopify: From This-Looks-Fun to Production

Simon-ShopifyShopify’s been serving all production traffic (100ks of RPM) from Docker containers since July ’14. Bringing Docker successfully into production on 100s of hosts with zero downtime has taken a lot of trial and error. This talk is about what it took to get here and where we’re heading.


Adrien Blind –  DevOps coach & Infra. as Code Product Owner at Société Generale

Session titleContinuous Delivery leveraging on Docker CaaS

Adrien-BlindAt Société Générale GBIS, time to market & quality matters; hence we do love continuous delivery. In this context, we’re considering the Container as a Service pattern: artifacts produced by the continuous integration chain would become self-sufficient “dockerized” application modules, onboarding both code and subsequent system requirements; then, a CaaS cloud would enable to host these containers. In this talk, I’ll present our usecase and current findings, considering both technical & operational aspects. We’ll talk about software factories, immutable IT, registries, containers configuration, API-driven infrastructure, DevOps roles shifts. Finally, we’ll discuss pros/cons of this solution toward regular IaaS and PaaS.

Brendan Fosberry – Software Developer at Shopkeep

Session titleOpinionated containers and the future of game servers

IMG_20140930_172703 (1)The necessity for game servers to prioritize scale and performance makes them a perfect candidate for the container revolution. Historically, many game servers have been home-hosted, which fosters a provisioning mindset that distracts from advances in automation. Automating and containerizing in-house applications is hard enough, but doing the same to a completely black-box system has its own set of challenges. In this talk, I’ll take a deep dive into the benefits of, and problems with, containerizing third-party applications. Specifically, combining my two passions for automation and games, I’ll discuss the automation and containerization of game servers.


Rafeal Colton – Software Engineer at ModCloth

Session titleThe Tale of a Docker-based Continuous Delivery Pipeline

rafe-colton-headshotThe ModCloth Platform team has been building a Docker-based continuous delivery pipeline. This presentation discusses that project and how we build containers at ModCloth. The topics include what goes into our containers; how to optimize builds to use the Docker build cache effectively; useful development workflows (including using fig); and the key decision to treat containers as processes instead of mini-vms. This presentation will also discuss (and demo!) the workflow we’ve adopted for building containers and how we’ve integrated container builds with our CI.


Damien Duportal – Devops Engineer at Atos Worldline

Session titleDocker in a big company?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHey curious friend, let’s play a game. On my left, a big company, with its cash markets, its business plans, its specific customers, with stereotyped organisation with Dev dealing with code, managers and customers versus Ops dealing with production and application not working. On my right, the underground IT of SF, the gold-rising startup, the big Cloud companies, the Devops champions, and the big Docker thing arising. And in the middle : how to bring them together, making them kiss. Come see me for “reality” use cases, and how we try to bring devops culture with Docker


Michael Barton – Bioinformatics Systems Analyst at Joint Genome Institute

Session title: Evaluating and ranking genome assemblers

bartonGenome sequencing has become cheaper and cheaper, and correspondingly genome assembly has become an area of intense research. This talk will show how researchers can objectively compare and easily share bioinformatics software using Docker containers as opposed to static publications.



Stay tuned for more speakers and session titles!

– The Docker Team

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Victor Coisne

Announcing the first batch of speakers for DockerCon Europe

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