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Keynote and breakout session slides from Dockercon14

One big reason why DockerCon 14 was such a success was the high quality of the speaker lineup. With more than 140 submissions, the DockerCon Program committee had a really hard time selecting the best talks. In the end, they were only able to accept fewer than one third of the submissions. We are extremely privileged to have received such a large number of submissions and would like to thank everyone who took the time to submit a talk. With speakers from the World’s leading companies such as Google, IBM, Amazon, Rackspace, Red Hat, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and Groupon, among others, Dockercon 14 set the bar very high for future Docker-centric conferences.

Below you will find most of the slides from the keynote and breakout sessions. We’ll make sure to update this post with the remaining slide decks as we collect them. Stay tuned for the videos of the sessions which will be published next week.

Monday, June 9th


Ben Golub, CEO at Docker

John Engates, CTO at Rackspace


Breakout sessions: Docker for Ops & Sysadmins (Metropolitan Ballroom I-II)

Docker at Spotify by Rohan Singh from Spotify

Delivering eBay’s CI Solution with Apache Mesos & Docker, by Ashish Hunnargikar & Mohit Soni, eBay

Docker & DevOps by Gene Kim from The Phoenix Project


Cluster Management and Containerization by Benjamin Hindman from Twitter


Performance Characteristics of Traditional VMs vs Docker Containers by Boden Russel from IBM


Docker Deployments: Powerful for Developers, Painless for Ops by Paul Showalter & Karl Matthias from New Relic


Breakout sessions: Docker for Developers (Metropolitan Ballroom III)

Thoughts on Interoperable containers by Fabio Kung from Heroku

Be a happier developer with Docker: Tricks of the trade by Nicola Paolucci from Atlassian


Beyond golden containers: complementing Docker with Puppet by David Lutterkort from Puppet Labs


Easy Docker on Microsoft Azure by Jeff Mendoza & Nik Garkusha from Microsoft Open Technologies


Breakout sessions: Docker for Ops & Sysadmins (Franciscan Ballroom)

Decker: Cloud Foundry with Docker by Colin Humphreys from CloudCredo


Tupperware: Containerized Deployment at Facebook by Aravind Narayanan from Facebook


Docker at RelateIQ by Scott Bessler and John Fiedler from RelateIQ


Immutable infrastructure with Docker and EC2 by Michael Bryzek from Gilt

Cloud Native NetflixOSS Services on Docker by Andrew Spyker from IBM and Sudhir Tonse from Netflix


Tuesday June 10th


Solomon Hykes, Founder and CTO at Docker


Jerry Cuomo, WebSphere CTO at IBM


Eric Brewer, VP of Infrastructure at Google


Breakout sessions: Docker for Ops & Sysadmins (Metropolitan Ballroom I-II)

Test What you Write – Ship What you Test by Seth Lochen from Groupon


AWS Elastic Beanstalk and Docker: High Fidelity, High Velocity Deployments in the Cloud by Evan Brown from Amazon

Building a smarter application Stack by Tomas Doran from Yelp

Docker on Google App Engine by Ekaterina Volkova from Google

Breakout sessions: Docker for Developers (Metropolitan Ballroom III)

Evolution of a Docker PaaS by Gabriel Monroy from Deis

Automated Chef cookbook testing with and GitHub by Paul Czarkowski from Rackspace


Image Management or configuration management by Thomas Hatch from SaltStack


Breakout sessions: Docker for Ops & Sysadmins (Franciscan Ballroom)

Contributing to Docker by Andrew “Tianon” Page from InfoSiftr


Moving from LXC to Docker for containment and continuous delivery by Michael Neale from CloudBees

If you feel like we haven’t covered an important use case for Docker, have any question or feedback regarding the speakers lineup or selection process, please feel free to send an email to

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Victor Coisne

Keynote and breakout session slides from Dockercon14

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    I don’t see the SELinux and Docker talk by Dan Walsh. Will that be added sometime in the future?


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