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Docker Governance Advisory Board: Next Steps


On April 30th, we announced plans to form a Docker Governance Advisory Board. The goal of the board is “To advise the Docker project leadership on matters related to supporting the long term governance, structure, and roadmap of the Docker project.”

As we discussed in the blog post, we are trying very hard to balance open governance with effective governance, and ensure that there are no barriers to the rapid growth and dynamism of the Docker ecosystem.


A few important updates:

1)We received a few comments (largely procedural) on the proposal itself. A revised proposal is posted at

2)We are happy to announce the list of initial DGAB members and nominees below

Besides the chief maintainer (Solomon) and the other lead maintainers, there are three broad categories represented on the board.


There are four seats reserved for the top contributors (as measured by merged, non-trivial pull requests over the past six months). These seats are not open to employees of either Docker, Inc. or companies who hold Corporate Seats.  We are pleased to announce the four Contributor Seat holders (and thank them for their leadership.)

  • Andrew Tianon Page (tianon)
  • Brandon Phillips
  • David Calavera
  • Jonathan Rudenberg




There are four seats reserved for companies that meet criteria around contribution, use of Docker in their products, and adherence to certain open source guidelines and core criteria for Docker. There were only four companies nominated that met these criteria, hence there will be no additional voting for this round. We are happy to welcome (and thank for their contributions), the following:



  • Google (Eric Brewer)
  • IBM (Dave Ing)
  • Rackspace (Van Lindberg)
  • Red Hat (Dan Walsh)




There are also four seats reserved for organizations that are using Docker in production, and that have published use cases. We are very pleased to announce that seven organizations were nominated, all of whom have fantastic, public use cases (and all of whom presented at DockerCon). These companies are listed below. There will be voting by “eligible contributors” to choose the four seats among those seven nominees. ( Eligible contributors are those who have had at least one non-trivial pull request merged to master in the past six months. If you are eligible, you will receive communication from Docker with the details for voting.)

The nominated users and links to their use cases are below.


Atlassian Nicola Paolucci
eBay Meghdoot Bhattacharya
Gilt  Michael Bryzek
Groupon Seth Lochen
RelateIQ Scott Bessler
Spotify Rohan Singh
Tutum Borja Burgos 




The votes are in for the user seats. While all of the use cases were excellent, and  had an extremely strong showing, we did have to limit to the top vote getters. Those are:

Atlassian, eBay, Spotify, and Tutum.


Our thanks to all who were nominated and all who voted.



Ben Golub

Docker Governance Advisory Board: Next Steps

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