Docker Announces New Enterprise Support, Training, and Consulting Services

June 9, 2014 10:00am PT

With the roll-out of Docker 1.0 (aka Docker Engine 1.0) and Docker Hub and Official Repos, It’s already been a big day for the Docker community.  But we’re really excited to share one more thing:  the launch of our enterprise training, consulting, and support services.

Today’s announcement of the production-readiness of the Docker platform will be sufficient for many organizations.  Indeed, already for months now many have happily ignored our, “Do not run Docker in production!” warnings.  But we recognize that many organizations require, in addition to production-ready software, complementary services to help them to get the most out of Docker for their particular use cases and environments.  That’s what these new services are all about.

Our new enterprise services include the following:


We’re excited to initiate our training program with our “Introduction to Docker” course.  While intended for those newer to Docker, its comprehensive overview of Docker Engine and Docker Hub, discussion of major use-cases, and hands-on nature altogether provides something for everyone.

This training will be available in classrooms in major cities and, if a sufficient number of your team members are interested, we can deliver this on-site at your offices as well.


While Docker is only 15 months old, our services team members none-the-less already have lots of hands-on experience with a wide range of Docker deployments.  Moreover, they all hail from enterprise IT backgrounds, and this gives them great perspective on pragmatic applications of Docker to IT challenges.

We’re really excited to offer on-line “Jumpstart” and on-site “Bootstrap” consulting services.  Both are designed to help assess situations where Docker might help, outline “best practices” when using the Docker platform, identify Docker integrations with your existing IT systems, and develop a plan-of-attack.

Helping drive the commercial adoption of Docker will be an initial set of 10 Systems Integrator Partners: Arcus, Dev9, Flux7, InfoSiftr, MomentumSI, OpDemand, Relevance Labs, Shadowsoft, Vizuri and Wiredcraft.  They will be trained and certified by Docker, Inc. to deliver consulting services for customers.


Finally, we recognize that when a team is responsible for 24×7, mission-critical workloads, it’s good to know you can call someone at 3:00 am Sunday morning if something goes wrong.  That’s why we’re excited to announce our new enterprise support services.  With both Standard (5×8, email support) and Premium (24×7, email and phone support) options, you can select the right one for your needs.

When paired with today’s releases of production-ready Docker Engine 1.0 and Docker Hub 1.0, our enterprise service offerings provide a complete solution for IT shops looking to jumpstart their Docker initiatives and use the platform in the most efficient and effective ways possible.  We look forward to hearing your feedback on these initiatives and look forward to building on them with our services offerings in the future.

Dockerize early and often,

– The Docker Team

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