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Are you ready for DockerCon ?


Are you ready for #dockercon?

We can hardly contain ourselves. The first Dockercon starts on Monday, promising to treat a sold-out crowd to a host of great speakers, events and training. If you were lucky enough to get a ticket, here’s some of what you can look forward to:

  • Great talks from some industry leaders (more on that below)
  • The launch of our shiny new Docker Fundamentals training.
  • Hands on demos of Docker deployments in real-world situations.
  • Tracks with content specifically tailored to sysadmins, ops and developers.
  • A party! With beverages!

We’re especially excited about the great roster of speakers we have lined up. We have thought leaders and experts from many of the diverse fields where Docker is already playing an important role. Just a few of the highlights include:

  • Docker CEO Ben Golub will give a spectacularly riveting talk on Docker and what we have to look forward in the future (I’m paid to say that).
  • Rackspace CTO John Engates will discuss Docker’s role in Rackspace’s cloud computing strategy.
  • Jerry Cuomo, CTO for IBM’s Websphere, will discuss Docker in the context of advanced technology development.
  • Google’s VP for infrastructure, Eric Brewer, will talk about Google uses containers at scale.
  • Docker founder and CTO Solomon Hykes will give us an intimate look at Docker behind the scenes and under the hood.
  • RedHat CTO and EVP Brian Stevens will talk about how Docker fits into RedHat’s technology strategy.

Beyond the keynotes, we’ve divided the rest of the conf into tracks. The sysadmin/ops tracks will feature talks on topics like Docker and CI, containers and distributed computing, deploying Docker, and building smart application stacks with Docker. The developer tracks will cover topics such as interoperable containers, integrating Docker with Puppet and Chef, running Docker on Azure and AWS, and much more. Check out the agenda for a complete list of talks.

In addition to all the great talks, we’re particularly pleased to be debuting our Introduction to Docker Fundamentals training course. The training is aimed at those with little or no Docker experience, and promises to give you the hands-on-keyboard experience you need to get started using Docker containers and the rest of the Docker ecosystem. 

Besides the conference, we’re also looking forward to our Hackathon, which will take place at glamorous Docker HQ this weekend. Hackathon winners can bask in glory when their victories are announced during the conference, on Tuesday after lunch.

We’ve polished up our best t-shirts and even attempted to wipe our laptops clean in anticipation of welcoming you all to the world of Docker. We hope you’re as excited as we are! 

The event is sold out, but the sessions will be available online. And of course, many thanks to our sponsors for helping us get this thing off the ground.

fred lifton

Are you ready for DockerCon ?

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