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Welcome to Docker University at DockerCon!

As part of DockerCon in June, we’ve decided to run two days of Docker training. This will be the debut of our Introduction to Docker training course. The course will launch at DockerCon and be available more broadly not long afterward. This is the first of many courses we’ll be offering, both in classroom settings and online.

The Introduction to Docker course is a hands-on overview of Docker. It assumes no prior Docker knowledge. The only thing it assumes is some very basic Linux/Unix command line experience: navigating the file system, starting and stopping services, editing files and some very basic networking knowledge (know what an IP address and a port is? You’ll be set!).

The course first teaches you the basics of Docker from installation to running your first container, and then steps through the fundamentals of using Docker. We’ll teach you how to run and manage Docker containers, build your own Docker images to host your own applications, and introduce you to how you might begin to integrate Docker into your environment. We’ll conclude the course with a capstone exercise in which you’ll integrate Docker into a Continuous Integration work flow.

Docker University: The Logistics

Many people have asked us about the logistics of Docker University and how it’ll work. Essentially, we’ll be running our Introduction to Docker course, which runs for most of a day, twice, once on each day of the conference.

When will it start?

It’ll start both days after the keynotes (you can see the room and schedule on the DockerCon agenda). It’ll stop for the various breaks, like lunch and afternoon tea and finish shortly before the end of the day’s sessions. It’ll start again from the beginning on the second day of the conference, again after the keynotes.

Can I come and go?

You can come and go but you will miss out on any material we cover in your absence. The training is divided into modules and we’d recommend if you do want to leave and come that you wait for a module break. We’ll announce and show you via the slides when a module is over and new one is about to begin.

What do I need to bring?

A laptop with wireless access and a terminal application, like Terminal or iTerm on OS X or Putty or similar on Microsoft Windows.

Will I have to install anything?

No – we’ll be running the training on Amazon EC2 instances. At the start of the session you’ll get a hostname, user and password to your own personal training environment.

Will I get any handouts to keep?

Yes – we’ll be providing a training handbook which contains a copy of the training libs and all the lab exercises that we’ll be running.

We want feedback!

Finally, this is our first time running the Introduction to Docker course and we’ll be providing a course survey feedback form for everyone to fill out. If you have other specific feedback, especially other training courses and material you’d like to see, we’d love to hear it!

If you have other questions please email us at education@docker.com.

Thanks and we hope to see you at what will be the first of many Docker training courses!

James Turnbull

Welcome to Docker University at DockerCon!

5 Responses to “Welcome to Docker University at DockerCon!”

  1. Michael Heinrich

    As Dockercon is sold out, how long would one have to wait for the online/live training sessions?

    • James Turnbull

      James Turnbull

      Hi Michael – we’re not sure but it’ll be in the next month or so for live classes and hopefully not long after for online courses.

  2. aRkadeFR

    Want to participate, but will wait for the courses online 🙂

  3. Bala Paranj

    What version of Docker will be used in the class? I would also like to learn how to use Docker with Virtual Box instead of EC2 for learning purposes.

    • James Turnbull

      James Turnbull

      We’ll be teaching with Docker 1.0. We’ll be using Docker running on EC2 to teach the class but you’re welcome to ask any of the team questions about Docker or Boot2Docker or VirtualBox.


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