Docker Joins Cloud Foundry Foundation


This morning, the Cloud Foundry Foundation announced its expanded roster of sponsors.  Docker was part of that list, for a number of reasons:

1) Generally speaking, we are excited to see the pace of innovation in the Platform as a Service space, and are glad to see that open source projects like Cloud Foundry and others are leading the way

2) As big believers in open governance, we are happy to support projects that are seeking broad-based participation, with influence driven fundamentally by code contribution

3) We are excited by the many moves across the PaaS landscape to leverage Docker as an interoperable, lightweight platform for packaging, building, and shipping applications. This includes some prominent examples of using Docker in conjunction with Cloud Foundry, including:

a) Docker plus Stackato

b) Docker in Baidu

c) Managing Stateful Docker Containers with Cloud Foundry BOSH

For more discussion about Docker and Cloud Foundry, stay tuned for the week of June 9. In an unintentional bit of scheduling craziness, both DockerCon and Cloud Foundry Summit are happening that same week, at locations approximately 10 minutes’ walk away from each other in San Francisco. Both events will feature interesting discussions about Cloud Foundry and Docker.

Stay Tuned!

PS We should make it clear that while we are supporting the Cloud Foundry foundation, we do not endorse any particular PaaS solution over others. We are excited by the broad range of solutions that have already incorporated native Docker support, both some established  platforms and some that are purpose-built for Docker.

Docker Joins Cloud Foundry Foundation

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