Announcing the Docker pivot

After a year of hard work, our growth has been tremendous, and our traction nothing less than incredible. In particular, consumption of Docker tee-shirts has gone through the roof. While this is arguably very different from what we had in mind last year when we announced Docker, we can’t ignore the Market anymore, and we decided to embrace this new trend as a logical evolution for the company. Today, we are glad to announce that Docker Inc. is pivoting around a new, great idea: selling Docker shirts.

Happy customers

Our metrics prove it: we have at least 100% satisfied customers. According to user polls, wearing a Docker shirt simply changes our customers’ lives forever.

“What an incredible year! Nobody could have guessed that we would become the most loved tee-shirt company in the World so rapidly.” Ben Golub, CEO.


Over the past year, we’ve been working hard on building and expanding our distribution network and achieve 99.999% availability .

“We have a very solid network, including more than 70 cities and harbors all over the Planet; our goal is no less than five nines on five continents” said Victor Coisne, Sr. Director of Distribution

Strategic partnerships

We are also about to announce great partnerships with multiple big players in this space, to unlock turnkey top-of-the-shelf integration with major stakeholders.

“Our users will soon be able to match their Docker tee-shirt with assorted pants, and run in Dockers” Roger Egan, SVP Partnerships


Never resting on their laurels, our teams are already working on new product lines, and wants to add several items to our collection of shirts, including caps, sweat-shirts, and more.

“Customers were asking for more, so we opened an online store to test new products. They just love it, and we can’t wait to ship it!” Ken Cochrane, VP Ecommerce.

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4 thoughts on “Announcing the Docker pivot

  1. I was really excited by news of this latest pivot until I went to the online store and discovered that there are no Docker branded cases for HTC One and/or Samsung G4/5 phones. I object to this bias toward Cupertino and will now execute a pivot of my own back to physical hardware!

  2. I want a metal bat with this logo.

  3. The docker April Fools Joke :s

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