Introducing The Docker Beta Group

The Docker index team is working hard on adding new features all the time, and we need your help. We have a bunch of features that need to be tested before we will be releasing them to the general public. If you are interested in trying out these new features before they are available, please sign up for the new Docker Beta Group.

The Docker Beta Group is a new mailing list, where we will announce new features that need to be beta tested. If you want to be involved in a particular beta test, then you just need to follow the directions in the email. There is no commitment required for joining the Docker Beta Group, and you can cancel at any time.

Anyone participating in a beta test would be expected to use the new feature, and give us feedback, both good and bad. We will use the feedback to help make the feature even better before it goes live. If you are interested all you need is a account, and to follow these steps.

  1. Login at (or register here)
  2. Click on the “Docker Beta Group” on the menu
  3. Subscribe to the mailing list.




Test Groups

Here are a few of the open test groups, that are currently looking for testers.

Private Repositories

Before now all of the repositories in the the docker index have been public. This is great for open source stuff, but it isn’t great if you want to keep your repositories private. This feature allows you to store your private repositories on the docker index along with your public ones. They will only be visible to you, and your collaborators, and will not show up in the search results. Only you and your collaborators can push and pull the private repositories. Only the owners of the repository can administer the repositories.


If you have a public or private repository that you would like to allow others to push to, you can assign them as a collaborator on your repository, and they will be able to push to it just like it was their own. If the repository is private, then they would be able to pull it as well. Collaborators can not administer the repositories (Delete, etc), only the owners of the repositories can do that.

Many many more

We also have many more features, that are just waiting to get tested. So if you want to test out the items above, or any of the other items we currently need tested, please sign up for the Docker Beta Group today. Space is limited, and we will only be taking a small number of people for each beta test, so sign up now if you want in.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the docker index team or ping @KenCochrane on twitter.

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Introducing The Docker Beta Group

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  1. Navid Shaikh

    Hi Ken,
    I am excited about doing testing with beta group.
    I subscribed to respective mailing list, how I am going to know about my participation in testing group?


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