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Yandex using Docker for infrastructure virtualization and app isolation

Jérôme Petazzoni


We are proud to announce that Yandex, the largest tech company in Russia, is using Docker for infrastructure virtualization and app isolation of its open-source PaaS system called Cocaine. The news was released at the YaC 2013 technological conference that took place on October 2 in Moscow, and where Jérôme Petazzoni was invited to give a talk on Lightweight Virtualization with Linux Containers and Docker and meet the Yandex team.

Andrey Sibiryov, Head of Cloud Technologies Development Service at Yandex, on stage at YaC 2013

The Docker support is implemented as a plugin, which connects to the Docker daemon and controls it using a rich REST API.

Right now, Yandex is using Cocaine in their Yandex.Browser backend and their internal infrastructure.

Read more about Cocaine on Yandex.

Read more about the news there:

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