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OpenStack Havana is out and includes native Docker support

Sam Alba


The OpenStack foundation announced yesterday that the last version of OpenStack, codename “Havana”, is now available – and it now includes Docker!

The OpenStack project has a release cycle of 6 months. For this new release, more than 400 feature blueprints have been implemented and more than 3000 reported bugs have been addressed.

Among those new features, OpenStack Havana introduces a native support for Docker containers in the OpenStack Compute project. Docker is now supported as a new hypervisor enabling OpenStack users to deploy and manage Docker containers using the Nova API. This means two big things:

  • When testing OpenStack workloads, you can spin up containers instead of VMs, and boot environments in seconds (much faster than with VMs, especially if you don’t have a big machine and must spin up tiny VMs)
  • If you’re doing HPC, you can run on OpenStack without being afraid of losing any performance, since containers have much lower overhead than VMs (the overhead can be reduced to exactly zero with proper configuration)

Learn more on how to manage your Linux Containers with Nova.

Docker at the OpenStack Summit

The Docker team will attend and speak at the next OpenStack Summit which will take place in Hong-Kong, starting on November 5th 2013. It will be 4 days of conference to discuss the future of OpenStack and a Design Summit to plan the next 6-month development cycle, codenamed “Icehouse”.

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9 thoughts on “OpenStack Havana is out and includes native Docker support

  1. david karapetyan

    This is excellent news. Looking forward to playing with docker via Nova APIs.

  2. How final is the Docker API, that Havana’s integration has been developed against, at this stage?

    If I stay on the Docker bleeding edge all the way to 1.0, will I need to also take responsibility for updating the Docker integration component in OpenStack at some point soon?

  3. I’d like to see a Docker for HPC article.

  4. Are there any instructions on how to get Openstack to work with Docker?
    I’ve only seen instructions based on Devstack, but no with plain Openstack.

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