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Docker Workshop at Geekdom San Francisco by Rackspace

Docker Workshop


We had the pleasure to co-organize a Docker Workshop with Geekdom San Francisco (Rackspace) on Sept 12, 2013. It was truly amazing to see the number of people attending the first session of the workshop at 10:30am (picture here above).

The number of participant remained steady throughout the all day as the different classes were taking place. Depending on the level of understanding of Docker and their respective interests, each participant could choose to attend classes on various subject such as how to use the registry, the Dockerfile syntax, build a SaaS using Docker, Docker and Openstack or advanced level Q&A.

We felt that the workshop was a real success thanks to the facilities provided by Geekdom, the serious interest and engagement of the attendees and the quality of the keynote speakers.

For those who were not there or want to review the Docker basics, here are the slides from the presentation:





You can also view the presentation of Brandon Phillips of CoreOS talking about the Service Discovery:



In this other video, Sasha from MailGun explains how they use docker at MailGun:



Find the pictures to the docker events on our flickr photostream.

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Victor Coisne

Docker Workshop at Geekdom San Francisco by Rackspace

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