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Docker at the OpenStack Conference

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OpenStack is one of the largest and (arguably) most important open source projects. Its mission is:

“to produce the ubiquitous open source cloud computing platform that will meet the needs of public and private cloud providers regardless of size, by being simple to implement and massively scalable.”

Naturally, it was important to the Docker team that we be both fully supportive of and compatible with OpenStack. At the semi-annual OpenStack Design Summit in Hong Kong (November 5-8) we will discussing both our current and future involvement in full force.

Here are some highlights of both what we’ll be discussing about Docker and OpenStack and when we’ll be discussing/demoing.

What We Will Be Discussing

1. OpenStack Nova

Docker has been included in the latest release of OpenStack (Havana). Havana introduces a native support for Docker containers in the OpenStack Compute project, Nova. Docker is now supported as a new hypervisor enabling OpenStack users to deploy and manage Docker containers using the Nova API. This means two big things:

  1. When testing OpenStack workloads, you can spin up containers instead of VMs, and boot environments in seconds (much faster than with VMs, especially if you don’t have a big machine and must spin up tiny VMs)
  2. If you’re doing HPC, you can run on OpenStack without being afraid of losing any performance, since containers have much lower overhead than VMs (the overhead can be reduced to exactly zero with proper configuration)

For more details, see Sam’s Blog or the article in The Register

2. Crowbar

Crowbar is an Open Source platform for server provisioning and deployment from bare metal. It provides server discovery, firmware upgrades, and operating system installation using PXE Boot.

We have been working with the Dell Crowbar team to demonstrate both deployment of OpenStack configured to use Docker Containers (Docker in OpenStack) as well as the use of Docker to ease the deployment of OpenStack. (OpenStack in Docker).

3. Solum

Solum is a new project formed to create a completely open PaaS purpose-built to support and take advantage of OpenStack. We are excited to be joining Rackspace, eBay, RedHat, Ubuntu/Canonical, Cloudsoft and Cumulogic in this new initiative. For more information, please see the following blog from Adrian Otto at Rackspace, or the Openstack wiki page Solum.

4. OpenStack Heat

Heat is the OpenStack orchestration layer. We have proposed an alternative way of using Docker in OpenStack, enabling the orchestration of Docker containers directly via Heat for certain use cases where using Docker containers through Nova may not make sense, or when users want to take advantage of the full capabilities of the Docker API. For more on this, please read Sam’s proposal here or come to one of the design sessions where this will be discussed

Where/When to see Docker at the Summit

Sam Alba, Nick Stinemates and Ben Golub will all be at the summit. In addition to informal interactions, we’ll be discussing/demo’ing Docker at the following times/places:

Nov. 4, 9-12 am: Demonstration of Crowbar/Docker integration at the Dell Crowbar Hackathon (SkyCity Marriott – SkyZone Meeting Room)

Nov. 5: 4-5 pm: Demonstration at Dell Booth

Nov. 6: 2:50-3:30 pm: Presentation “Write Once and Really Run Anywhere with OpenStack and Docker.”

In this joint presentation with Rackspace, we will be demonstrating true cross cloud deployment with Docker and Openstack., This will include:

  1. An overview of Docker and OpenStack
  2. Building and testing an application from source using Dockerfiles
  3. Deploying the Dockerized application on a laptop
  4. Without modification or noticeable downtime, redeploying to Rackspace public cloud
  5. Without modification or noticeable downtime, redeploying to Linode public cloud
  6. Without modification or noticeable downtime, redeploying to an OpenStack cluster
  7. Deploying across multiple nodes of an OpenStack cluster
  8. Doing all of the above using Nova/Heat/Horizon/Glance etc.

Nov. 6, 4-5 pm: Demonstration at Dell Booth

Nov. 7, 3-4 pm: Demonstration at Dell Booth

Nov. 8, 11-12 am: Design Session: Docker support in OpenStack

Lightning talks and Birds of a Feather:

Nov. 6, 12pm: project solum (Mariott Skyhall)

Nov 7, 1:15pm: heat + docker lightning talk

Nov. 7, 1:50pm: heat + container (Mariott Skyhall)

We hope to see you at the summit! (Of course, we’ll also post videos and slides for those of you unable to attend.)


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