Victor Coisne

Deis, an open source PaaS based on Docker

Victor Coisne

We’re excited to include the following guest blog post by our friends at Deis.

Today we’re excited to share Deis with the Docker community. Deis is an open source PaaS based on Docker that runs on public cloud, private cloud and bare metal.


Deis allows software teams to deploy and scale almost any application on their own PaaS using a workflow inspired by Heroku. Deis combines Docker’s Linux container engine with infrastructure automation by Chef to create an application platform designed for developers and operations engineers.  With Deis, software teams experience the benefits of PaaS and lightweight virtualization without giving up control of their underlying infrastructure.

Deis takes a unique approach, bridging the gap between the DevOps tool chains trusted by today’s sophisticated ops teams and our lightweight, containerized future. For more on Deis itself, as well as our overall philosophy, please go to  However, we’d like to take a moment to talk about why we chose to build on Docker…

Having been involved with the Docker community since their inception, we’ve had a front-row seat to their meteoric rise and have great respect for the team and technology. Docker is one of those rare innovations that seem so obvious in retrospect. Portable application containers based on LXC, file system de-duplication and tooling to automate building, distributing and executing containers. Obviously! The trick is in making these “standard containers” ubiquitous.

While the full promise of Docker has yet to be realized, we’re confident it will be. The Docker project is approaching 200 external contributors, featuring some large contributions including how Docker interacts with host volumes and Docker’s file system layering technology. This ability to harness open source momentum is what makes us believe Docker will succeed in its mission to standardize application containers across the modern datacenter.

As a leading Docker PaaS, Deis will continue to play a role in this effort, and we look forward to deeper integration with Docker as it evolves.  For more information on Deis, please visit: and

About Gabriel Monroy


Gabriel is an entrepreneur, hacker, IT operations nerd and the creator of Deis, the open source application platform. He is currently CTO at OpDemand.

Connect with Gabriel on Twitter! @gabrtv

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