Name the Docker whale and create our Tagline


What should we name the Docker whale? Mitch Merry votes for Humphrey.
What should the Docker tagline be? Maybe “containerization is the new virtualization“?

Tell us what you think in this 2 questions survey and get a chance to win Docker tee-shirts + stickers.

UPDATE: submissions have been closed.


Name the Docker whale and create our Tagline

4 Responses to “Name the Docker whale and create our Tagline”

  1. cpt. stupy

    so, you know that email icon you have at the bottom of the post? it doesn’t actually have an email address in it. and you don’t have one listed anywhere.

    Anyway, I suggest:
    name: Steve (as in Stevedore)
    tagline (option 1): Shipping, for the digital stevedore
    tagline (option 2): Shipping containers, for the digital stevedore
    from Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary;
    stevedore – noun
    a person whose job is moving goods on and off ships
    see also DOCKER

    yeah, it says that!
    p.s. Humphrey’s lame.

    • Thatcher Peskens

      Thatcher Peskens

      Thanks for your ideas! Regarding the email icon.. The idea is that we make it easy to send it to your friends and others. It’s not meant as a contact form.

      • cpt. stupy

        ahh, that makes sense now.
        I guess I didn’t get it because I have no friends – or others.

  2. Henrique

    It’s the scale whale!


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