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Announcing a New Logo and Style for Docker

Thatcher Peskens

The initial release of Docker pretty much took everyone by surprise. That is, including those working on the visual style. So our initial style was put together quickly. We are now proud to announce a new logo and visual style for Docker. Over the past weeks we have worked with some of the best designers of 99Designs to create a logo that fits our project and communicates our values of expedition, automation, encapsulation and simplification. Out of 84 total designs, a final poll was created. Over 50 people from our community participated to help choose this final logo.

We owe a big thanks to Lachlan Donald (@lox) of 99Designs for generously sponsoring a gold package. It allowed us to work with the best designers in this community. Not surprisingly 99Designs is one of the first companies that started using Docker.

Over the next couple of weeks you will see the new logo and branding appear on our websites, documentation and all other places where you expect Docker. As we focus on improvements across the board you will see the style appear gradually, at the points we touch. — including of course, T-shirts and stickers!

About the logo:

Docker Logo

The logo is a Whale carrying a stack of containers. It is on its way to deliver those to you.

The logo is created by Ricky Asamanis, a graphic designer that lives in  Indonesia, and is recognized as one of the top designers in the 99Designs community.


Style guide

With the goal of making the style over all our touch-points I have put together a style guide. Here is an excerpt from the pdf, if you need a logo or otherwise information on how to use our branding, or want to know how to show your project integrates with Docker. Please contact me.

Docker style page

About the type:

The complementary font that goes with the logo (not the letters ‘docker’) is Cabin. From the author: “Cabin is a humanist sans inspired by Edward Johnston’s and Eric Gill’s typefaces, with a touch of modernism.” Like Docker, the cabin font is open source under the SIL open font licence.

About Thatcher Peskens

Thatcher Peskens is User Experience Designer and front end developer at dotCloud. He comes from the Netherlands and with a background in industrial design, web development and experience in web hosting he works on making everything user facing a pleasure to use.

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  1. I would like to create vector logo stickers . Do you offer ? Can send to my e-mail ?

  2. Marcel Stör

    "The complementary font that goes with the logo (not the letters ‘docker’) is Cabin."

    Well, what is the font of the 'docker' letters then?

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