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New Registry goes live!

Hi all,

We are proud to announce that the new Docker registry is live and
ready for action.

Please test this new version and report any bug that you find. Be
careful, this is production, so altering your data on the new registry
will alter your data on the old one.

IMPORTANT: After you pushed a given repository at least once with the
new client, you should not access that same repository again with the
old client.

2 ways of using the new Registry:
– Build Docker from source using the “registry-update” branch.
– Use the following binary:

Feedback is welcome!

About Sam Alba


As dotCloud’s first engineering hire, Sam was part of the tiny team that shipped our first private beta in 2010. Since then, he has been instrumental in scaling the platform to tens of millions of unique visitors for tens of thousands of developers across the world, leaving his mark on every major feature and component along the way. Today, as dotCloud’s first director of engineering, he manages our fast-growing engineering team, which is another way to say he sits in meetings so that other engineers don’t have to. When not sitting in a meeting, he maintains several popular open-source projects, including Hipache and Cirruxcache and other projects also ending in “-ache”. In a previous life, Sam supported Fortune 500s at Akamai, built the web infrastructure at several startups, and wrote software for self-driving cars in a research lab at INRIA.

Connect with Sam on Twitter! @sam_alba

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Sam Alba

New Registry goes live!

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